Quickley live chat

Live chat by Quickley helps your customer reach you quickly so that your online business can grow and multiply sales.

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it’s free

Engage with your website’s audience

Respond to messages through live chat in real time, or take your time and reply via email and messengers.

1. Install live chat

Setup will take less than 3 minutes. Our agents will help with integration and customization.

2. Collect contact info

Collect the contact information of your website visitors and store it as a customers database.

3. Increase sales

Follow up with leads and engage with them in the networks and messengers they prefer.

Increase sales

Get leads through Quickley live chat and help your customers place the order. People prefer live chats over email and regular lead forms, so it will help your online business grow and multiply.

Increase sales

up tp 25%

website visitors prefer live chat over email of regular contact form


more contact data generated as compared to regular lead form

3 times

more efficient for customer support as compared to regular email

Support customers

Respond to your audience questions and resolve issues through Quickley live chat. Connect your company’s social media accounts and messengers to aggregate all conversations in one place. Invite support agents and work as a team.

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Collect leads information

Visitors’ contact information is saved and stored forever. Follow up with your leads later via social media and messengers they prefer, or use the database for remarketing.

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Try all the features of the Quickley live chat

It will take under 3 minutes. It’s completely free.

Chat customized for you

Choose the color of the chat window and icon, turn off branding, write your own greeting and CTA — Quickley is easily costomized and will fit into any website.

Set up my chat

Create micro-landings right within Quickley chat window to allow your costomers reach you wherever they want. Micro-landings can generate leads through live chat, VK, Facebook, Telegram, Viber, and WhatsApp.

Create micro-landing

Connect all of your social media and messengers to Quickley

Quickley will help you engage with your customers from live chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and VK — all in one place

Access for team members

Invite team members to work together with you and assign their roles. Invited managers can respond to messages without having the login data of your social media. It is a quick and easy way to organize the workflow of entire sales or support team.

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Engage via mobile app

Away from your desktop? Engage with your audience on the go with Quickley mobile app — and never miss a lead.